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We are Moray's original reuse-reclaim facility, offering quality used furniture and goods for the home and garden at affordable prices. Bring us your unwanted items or come along and browse for a bargain. We can now offer a delivery/collection service for bulky items for a very reasonable fee.

Please contact us for details.

You can find us at the Recycling Centre, on Waterford Road, Forres. Just follow the signs off the A96 at Forres by Whites Removals.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30 to 3.30
Wednesday 10.00 to 3.30
Saturday 9.30 to 3.30
Sunday - Sorry closed all day

As you will see as you look through our website, we do much more than simply sell pre-owned goods. Our Education Programme and Training schemes have been much admired and we are always coming up with new ideas to improve and expand our range of activities, which are aimed at raising public awareness about the need to minimise waste and its impact on our environment.

Do you live in Moray, have an interest in the three R's Reduce Re-use and recycle and are interested in Moray Waste Busters? Can spare one evening a year? If so why not become a Member of our Company?
For more information click here.

We are always on the lookout for good volunteers either to assist with the day to day functioning of the site or as a Board Member. For more information click here.



1. Use a “Bag for Life” - plastic bags are a huge problem for the environment so try to use alternatives such as paper or cotton bags instead.

2. Make a shopping list - it is estimated that in the UK alone 6.7 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year. That works out at about £50 of food per household per month. Over a year that is equal to £600. Just think what you could do with that money instead!

3. All discarded food which ends up in landfill creates methane gas which is 23 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and contributes to global warming so cut down on your food waste by putting all fruit and vegetable waste into a compost bin. Not only does it reduce the huge amount of vegetable and garden waste that goes to landfill but it also creates a nutritious free soil improver for your garden.

4. Reuse things - use both sides of a piece of paper before you recycle it. Pass unwanted items such as toys and clothes on to friends and family or donate them to charity shops.

5. Be creative! Use empty plastic bottles to make planters,bird feeders,cloches to protect young plants or even a greenhouse! Decorate old tiles to make colourful coasters.

6. Use your local Recycling services - for cardboard, paper, cans, glass jars and bottles, plastic bottles, clothes, shoes – check the internet to see what they will take.

7. Donate unwanted household items to a reuse-reclaim centre (how about MORAY WASTE BUSTERS?) so they can be reused by others.

Remember - one person's waste is another person's treasure!